The people are tightening on Berbr’s arrest. These are the best jokes on his behalf

For many years, Roman Berbr has been the target of the reluctance of the football public, especially its fan section. The shout “Berbr out!” Has become quite domesticated in Czech stadiums, but now it seems that amen is with him.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m already yelling, Berbr out!” I won’t, he comes across the social network for the detention of football boss Lukáš. And he is not alone in it, a number of tweets with the same topic have appeared on the Internet.

Others found the coronavirus epidemic and the associated need for quarantine useful. It is said that in Berbr’s case it could stretch a little more than for the usual few days.

Not even the Twitter account Unobjective Journalist, known for its frequent humorous glosses of the sports world, was left behind. “Do you think Roman Berbr reads e-books? Or does he prefer a harder bond? ”He thinks this time.

Others also use coronavirus patalia, this time by ordering government measures. Roman Berbr is allegedly detained by his namesake, Minister of Health Roman Prymula. You can see not only this joke, but also others in the photo gallery.


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