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“The people who matter in the office” # 11: The confined!

by drbyos

The confined has a very special place in this chronicle: it is the only profile which, at the moment T, corresponds to the immense majority of French workers. Containment and confined are the two words that everyone has in their mouths. When we hear from a colleague or loved one, we no longer ask: “How are you?” But: “Are you well confined?”, or better yet, “Where are you confined?”If the answer to the first question is simple, the answer to the second brings up several categories of confined people. The lonely and dreamy confined, for example, open window, like our dandy and his Proustian mustache in illustration.

There are also those confined to couples, families (sometimes large), friends, in a small apartment, in a house in the country … Everyone has their own confinement experience. Above all, to each his experience of confined teleworker. Here too, the profiles diverge. The conf call and videoconferences have replaced meetings for an indefinite period. Advantage: time saved in travel and logistics. Disadvantage: this allows for more meetings.

Team and lane discussions have migrated to digital communication tools: emails, WhatsApp loops, Teams, Outlook, Slack, Telegram … Confined people have never received so many notifications. All these little ringtones and alerts would suffice to compose a symphony!

Debates and conflicts, too, are resolved remotely, by interposed messaging! With all these loops, all these applications, sending a message to the wrong person has never been so risky … The obligations of productivity and deadlines can also be paid at home. Confidentiality is also put to the test: you forget to deactivate your computer microphone or your tablet and you reveal the backstage of your confinement to your entire team!

Confinement did not change either the habits or the character of the confined … The diplomat remains diplomat; the open-space ambassador knows how to be even from a distance; the hyperstressed, even if one does not wish him, does not change in his living room … Finally, the little chef or the manager-cop are perhaps more at a distance: with this constrained telework, they must redouble vigilance to ensure that everyone is on the job hic et nunc. No napping or watching Netflix. Make sure your Outlook status is always online. It is likely that after reading this column, he absent. Your smartphone will call you to order in five seconds: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 …

For the sake of this column, do not hesitate to share your own experience of important people by writing to qperinel@lefigaro.fr.


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