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The pharmacies of Castilla y León activate a protocol to report adverse reactions to the flu vaccine

Partial image of the vaccination campaign poster.

The electronic prescription system launches an alert that is allowing pharmacists to identify the candidate population for influenza vaccination by their age or pathologies


The pharmacists of Castilla y León are immersed in a “close collaboration” with the Ministry of Health to ensure that the vaccination campaign against influenza once again reaches “wide” percentages of coverage among the population this year. Thus, they have activated a protocol to report any adverse reaction and the reasons for those who reject it.

In a statement, they explained that the objective is to convey to the population the importance of vaccines as a preventive measure to guarantee public health. To this end, the work strategy of Community pharmacists in this flu campaign covers various aspects and has enabled new protocols to be activated. On the one hand, an intense work is being done to promote vaccination from pharmacies in all provinces, to inform citizens of the importance of mass immunization.

Technology is also allowing pharmacies to have new tools to promote vaccination, knowing in advance who the target population is. For this, the Council of Professional Pharmaceutical Colleges of Castilla y León (Concyl) has created a tool that is integrated into the electronic prescription system, with which the pharmacist can identify patients who are candidates to receive the vaccine by age range or pathologies.

When the patient goes to the pharmacy to get their medications, the pharmacist can identify through the electronic prescription that that patient is a candidate to receive the flu vaccine. These alert messages allow pharmacists to carry out a more intense and accurate work of health information and promotion of vaccination.

From contact with patients, anonymous data is already being collected in pharmacies of great health value that will allow drawing future Public Health strategies. Specifically, the pharmacies of Castilla y León will register during the campaign the possible adverse reactions that occur after the administration of the flu vaccine (and due to their coincidence in time, also those related to the vaccine against COVID 19).

These possible adverse events will be notified to Health so that they can be analyzed. In addition, the reasons given by those patients who show their rejection of the flu vaccine are being recorded. Their arguments will also be transferred to the health authorities due to their valuable impact on the orientation and design of future vaccination campaigns.

In just two days of the campaign (from November 9 to November 11), pharmacists in Castilla y León have already carried out 56,753 interventions in pharmacy offices on patients who are candidates to receive the vaccine. At the moment, 9,339 patients have already been vaccinated and 3,228 who do not want to be vaccinated. His motives are also being recorded.


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