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The pictures of “Tatkovtsi” finished with the red-haired Silvia Dragieva became a blonde

After the second season Stephanie Ivailo play on one step and Sasho Kadiev

Young actor Margarita Stoykova and Ivan Nikolov who is boyfriend in the series, they got up couple and in life

14 hours of lying down for a stage, slapping, joking and joking is just a small part of the filming process of the second season of the Bulgarian series “Papa”, which is broadcast on BTV. Their four fathers, Pavel Ivanov, Hristo Padev, Stoyan Doychev, and Philip Bukov, continued to care for their children, but they changed their love. At the end of the first season, it became clear that the successful lawyer Alex, played by Philip Bukov, had fallen in love for the first time in his life and began to have feelings for his colleague Amy. Until now, viewers have known the hero as a playboy who uses women only for fun and entertainment, but in the second season he changed radically.

Outside the series, four main actors gathered for their first joint performance on stage – “Friday Night”. They used to show it in Sofia, but now they have to tour the country and play it in different cities. The show is more like an improvised stand comedy because there is no exact script. The actors prepared many personal stories along with the pictures of “Dad”, which made the audience laugh. The idea for the show is common, after the cards decided to continue working together even after the end of the filming process. On stage “Friday Night” the cards are not in their own clothes, but change clothes according to the different stories they tell.

For some time, Philip Bukov was discussed as the next “undergraduate” in the second season of the reality show “The Undergraduate”. However, he denied the rumors, explaining that they were just “tricks that are not supported by any reality”. According to him, the joke came from his friend, who said it was “perfect” for the next single in the broadcast of the same name.

At the same time, her screen partner Stephanie Ivailo began rehearsals for a new role in the theater. Now she will play alongside Alexander Kadiev in “Games for Two”, taking place pregnant Sofia Bobcheva. Her heroine of “Dad” so far has been a crazy lawyer Amy, who has never had a boyfriend, but in the second season viewers will see her hesitant between two men. On the one hand, there is the good, kind and caring Danny, played by Tsvetan Apostolov, and on the other – his boss Alex (Philip Bukov).

Silvia Dragieva, who was very noticeable with her shiny red hair, is now blonde. Although viewers still see her in the second season of the series with the old hairstyle, that she did specifically for her role, she already has long blonde locks. In fact, the actress is preparing for a new role in the theater, because she plays in the play “The Fugitive Dress”.

Love in the series, it seems, hit the lives of two young actors Margarita Stoykova and Ivan Nikolov. They take on the role of teenagers Veneta and Hristo, who become companions during the first season. But in life they are also a couple. It was posted by 18-year-old Margarita with photos on social media shortly after Ivan’s prom.

In addition to applying to the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts, she is also involved in music. Her colleague in the series – 15-year-old Alice Bakalova, also has her own band – Legacy, with which she attends performances.

The plot of the series is unfolded in 140 episodes, and the filming process ended in March. And the second season of the comedy series was filmed over an area of ​​2,000 square meters in a three-story building. A third season is yet to be planned.

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