The planet, in a state of emergency

According to the experts' estimates, Spain is the European country that reaches a highest rating in the content of the draft of the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plans which must be submitted to the European Union at the end of the year. So much for the will of reduce greenhouse gas emissions as for the impulse to the renewable energy, the bet of the Socialist Administration, without throwing the bells on the fly, denotes a change of attitude, before the apathy of the PP.

We are before a climatic emergency undisputed but still disputed by those who oppose decarbonization or do not activate urgent measures to prevent global warming. But, also, these same days we have known the catastrophic dimension of another emergency, the biological one. The devastating study of the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, commissioned by the UN, tells us about the rapid loss of biodiversity on the planet and the imminent disappearance of a million animal and plant species. The contamination and the use of fertilizers and pesticides, the deforestation and the decrease of the natural spaces accelerate the deterioration of the interconnected ecological networks, in such a way that the impact on the human being is close. We are still in time to redirect the situation, but the conjunction of both emergencies, intimately related, does not allow humanity a second of relaxation.

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