The planet “Saturn” did not have rings 100 million years ago

A new study suggests that Saturn had been flying alone for billions of years, nearly its entire existence, before it acquired its surprising rings.

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According to “Associated Press”, a team led by Italians mentioned in the journal Science that the first rings of Saturn seem to date from 10 to 100 million years ago, while Saturn is 4.5 billion years old, like all other planets in the solar system.

This information is due to observations by the NASA Cassini spacecraft during its flight around Saturn and its rings in 2017, before the end of its work, and by evaluating the mass of the rings through gravitational measurements, the scientists determined the age, and it is still unknown how the ice rings were formed. .

Lead researcher Luciano Ace, from the University of “Sapienza” in Rome, says that the facts “are another gift we got from this beautiful space mission.”

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