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The PlayStation 5 is back in stock

The PlayStation 5 is back in stock at several e-tailers. The hottest console on the internet keeps slipping away? You might finally get your hands on it! Where to buy a PlayStation 5 today? We tell you everything.

Why is the PlayStation 5 a revolutionary console?

The PlayStation 5 is a revolutionary gaming console that delivers an incredibly immersive gaming experience. With accelerated load times and a high-performance solid-state drive, your games run so smoothly they never have time to crash. Sony’s next-gen console is equipped with an extremely fast 8-core processor. Your games are optimized to the maximum. The PlayStation 5 will never have carried Sony’s slogan so well: play without limits.

RayTracing technology takes gaming realism to an unparalleled level. Perfect shadows, refractions of light and simply stunning reflections, the player constantly has the impression of evolving in real landscapes. 4K adds another layer of sublime to this console which is already surprising. The DualSense controller is an innovation in itself. More sensations, haptic feedback with dynamic vibrations that allows unique interaction with the environment, adaptive triggers that perfectly reproduce braking or shooting, the PS5 is resolutely turned towards total immersion.

Where to buy a PlayStation 5 in Belgium?

The PlayStation 5 is back in stock at select e-tailers. Turning to the internet is still your best option. If getting your hands on the console on the net is an obstacle course, in stores it is downright mission impossible. The PS5 is a victim of its own success and has been in perpetual shortage since its launch in November 2020.

To put the odds on your side, remember to register all your personal and banking information in advance on merchant sites. You will save precious seconds at the time of purchase. Follow gamers and specialized sites, subscribe to store newsletters and put the console in your wishlist. You will thus be among the first to be informed of a restocking. Finally, arm yourself with patience and get up early. Sales usually take place in the morning and are packed. You will probably have to refresh your web page many times.

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Playstation 5 games not to be missed on Amazon:

– Sony, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales on PS5 at €39.99 instead of €59.99

– Kena Bridge of Spirits The Deluxe Edition (PlayStation 5) at €29.99 instead of €49.99

– Horizon – Forbidden West (PlayStation 5) at €61.40 instead of €79.99

– Gran Turismo 7 (PlayStation 5) at €74.85 instead of €79.99

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