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the Playstation Now price drop

PS4: the Playstation Now drops in price

PLAYSTATION 4 – The subscription price for Playstation Now will drop from October 1, to align with effective competition.

[Mis à jour le 1er octobre 2019 à 17h26] Playstation Now is a cloud service providing access to a catalog of over 600 games, some of which date back to the PS2. But with the arrival of Google Stadia and the efficiency of the Xbox Game Pass, prices for Playstation Now had to align with those of the competition. Thus, his monthly subscription goes from 14.99 € to 9.99 €, which is a significant drop. There is also always the option of taking an annual subscription, which is even more profitable now since it goes from € 100 / year to € 60 / year, or € 5 / month. The price reduction was announced on October 1 and is effective immediately.

Sony has exempted itself from E3 this year, but that hasn’t stopped the publisher from showing us a lot of announcements before E3, and even during the Square Enix conference. The most anticipated game of this coming year is of course Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which will bring Cloud and Sephiroth back to our screens. Death Stranding, the creation of Hideo Kojima, teased for 4 years now, will finally arrive on PS4 at the end of the year. The Last of us 2 has also been talked about a lot before disappearing from radars and is scheduled for February 2020. And then, still in 2020, an enigmatic game is expected, it is Ghost of Tsushima.

One of the advantages of the PS4 is the exclusivity on a certain number of triple A. There are still a number of them planned between 2019 and 2020, but you already have a panel of very good games available. On the action side, Uncharted 4 is there, with the adventures of Nathan Drake then Chloé Frazer. More recent, you can look at Horizon: Zero Dawn or the remake of Shadow of the Colossus. In 2018, three of the console’s biggest successes were also released, with God of War, Marvel’s Spider Man and Red Dead Redemption 2, the latter not being exclusive, however.

Should you buy a PS4 Pro?

The main argument to the advantage of the PS4 Pro is its 4K compatibility. The PS4 Pro has the components necessary to display your games in 4K resolution. In addition, if you choose not to display them in 4K you are lucky to be able to play 1080p 60 FPS on a number of games. With 1 TB of storage, you also have the possibility of having a large number of games available, dematerialized. So, if you have a 4K TV, you can go get it, otherwise you will only have the advantage of seeing the images in 60 FPS (which is already good for a home console). The console is available new at € 399, and on occasion between € 200 and € 300.

If the price of the PS4 and the PS4 Slim has stabilized around 300 €, the PS4 Pro remains at the same price around 400 €, since it is the most powerful console of its generation at Playstation. To get the best deals, you will have to turn to bundles, these groupings of products that save a few euros on the purchase of one of your favorite games. If most of the games mentioned at the beginning of this article will be entitled to their bundle between the end of this year and next year, some are already available. As a reminder, the price of a single console is 399 €, and a single game would cost you around 70 €.

  • The classic: Pack PS4 1TB + FIFA 19, the best selling football game in France, accompanied by 14 days of subscription to the Playstation Premium service: 349.99 €
  • To play with your friends: Pack PS4 1TB + Crash Team Racing + 2nd controller, enough to do crazy races with your friends: 369 €
  • One of the best games: Pack PS4 Pro 1TB + Red Dead Redemption 2, to travel the Great West in the best conditions: 439.99 €
  • On the occasion side, the PS4 Pro alone can be found between 200 and 300 €, and some collector’s editions go up to 350 €

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