The PlayStation VR 2 of the PlayStation 5 finally expected in 2022

The PlayStation 2 confirmed by Sony on the PlayStation 5 would ultimately not be expected immediately. According to Bloomberg, the brand’s new virtual reality headset should not hit the market until next year.

Confirmed earlier in the year, the PlayStation VR 2 is eagerly awaited by all fans of virtual reality. And more generally by the few people who have managed to get their hands on a PS5. Logical given the promises made by the brand.

Photo by Jens Kreuter on Unsplash

This new VR headset will indeed go further than that of the first generation and will thus be able to deliver even more immersive experiences to its future owners.

PlayStation VR 2 is not for now

It will indeed be able to count on a new screen better defined, but also and especially on the computing power of the PlayStation 5. The set-up should also be facilitated, with a single cable to connect to the console and new controllers. more precise.

However, since the initial announcement, Sony has distilled the information slowly and the company has finally focused mainly on the controllers that will be sold with the headset.

Controllers more stylish, and which will inherit all the technologies present on board the DualSense. Including a brand new haptic engine for more sensations.

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A launch planned for the end of 2022

The helmet has not yet been unveiled. We do not know the format or the look it will adopt. And if Bloomberg’s information is to be believed, then we’re nowhere near learning more about it. Our colleagues believe that the PlayStation VR 2 will not be marketed before next year, in 2022. Worse still, the launch will rather be planned at the end of the year and the headset should therefore not arrive before a year and a half.

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Bloomberg nevertheless specifies that this new headset will be entitled to OLED screens manufactured by Samsung Display, but also to a technology capable of accurately detecting the movements of the eyes of its wearer. The helmet will therefore know in which direction our gaze will be directed, which will at the same time allow it to favor the rendering of certain areas.


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