The poisonous friendship according to Elena Ferrante

Notice to the countless fans of the literary saga imagined by the Neapolitan Elena Ferrante: Elena and Lila, the two sisters at heart with complex relationships, are back on the screens.

Released in December 2018, the previous season of the series, supervised by the novelist, ended with the marriage of Lila, at sixteen, with the rich grocer of the neighborhood and the first emotions of Elena, shared between two boys, the mechanic Antonio and the intellectual Nino. The new eight-episode salvo picks up where it left off.

The proud Lila finds herself trapped in a marriage that makes her unhappy. She has moved into a luxurious apartment which, on top of the chic, overlooks the railway, but suffers from the loneliness and the assaults of her husband, a boorish and violent man whom she despises. The wise and shy Elena, for her part, is going through a period of doubts and hesitates to give up her studies to get married too.

Post-war macho society

The train, which runs at full speed through the underprivileged district of Naples where our two heroines live, is one of the pretty ideas that animate the otherwise rather dull scene of Saverio Costanzo. Are Lila and Elena condemned to watch this symbol of escape and freedom pass? Or will they change the fate to which their miserable birth conditions them and leave this dismal suburb?

The desperate efforts of the two young women to take control of their lives and free themselves from the yoke of their families and husbands in the fundamentally macho society of the 1950s made them more endearing than ever. Facing Margherita Mazzucco, who plays the discreet Elena with sensitivity, Gaia Girace (whose first role is on the screen) gives an impressive intensity to the brilliant and tormented Lila, who is constantly burning with dull anger. By turns generous and cruel, she blows the hot and the cold of a jagged friendship.


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