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The pole fought for the title. The verdict leaves no doubt

Zyśk started the fight with the balance 18-0. He faced Eggington, who had already lost seven times.

In Coventry, however, the Brit took the initiative in the beginning and deserves to win unanimously on points, achieving his 32nd career triumph. The judges scored twice 119: 109 and once 117: 111 in favor of Eggington.

“Taran” got into the wrong duel, grabbing practically every left hook of the British. He clearly lost the first round. After the break, Zyśk protected the mountain, so Eggington aimed his left hook at his right elbow. In the end, he keeps protecting the Łukasz Malinowski with a series of and in the ropes The pole was coming down the corner bleeding from his nose. The third installment of Zyśk lost one hundred to zero. He collected everything in mid-distance exchange.

The fourth round was better, but of course lost too. However, Zyśk finally began to respond. At the start of the fifth game, the Pole scored a left-right action twice, but Eggington shortened the distance and lowered our compatriot halfway with the left hook. Zyśk suffered, but he was not on his knees and was exclusive. After the break, our boxing began to overtake the right left, but the strongest strokes were treated by the English.

The seventh and eighth installments are still for Eggington, although it was not time to clear an advantage as before. At ten o’clock, Zyśk began to put together actions in longer combinations and for a moment took the initiative, but the end was again for representatives of the hosts. – You still have … health, do your best now – a pole was mobilized in the corner. The British, however, were also very healthy and did not give up, so the final verdict was a formality.

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