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The Polish Order has already changed. Money was taken from my parents

The provisions of the Polish Deal change from hour to hour, and from the parents’ point of view, for the worse. Almost immediately after the declarations of the minister of Marlena Maląg’s family about the possibility of doubling 1000 plus to 2000 plus, Deputy Minister Barbara Socha informed that families could not count on such money.

The Polish Deal is to introduce several new solutions to support young families. Guaranteeing own contribution, subsidies to loans depending on the number of children and payment of PLN 12,000 as part of the “Caring Capital” are to encourage Poles to comply with next children.

It was shown precisely by the records about doubling the funds from 1000 plus, if the second and subsequent children are born less than three years apart. This wording was included in the document presenting the assumptions of the Polish Order, which was also publicly confirmed by the head of the Ministry of Family and Social Policy, Marlena Maląg. The future and current parents could enjoy the potential greater money for a very short time: just a few hours after the minister’s statement, her subordinate declared that there would be no doubling of the rate, and entering it in the Polish Order was a “human error”.

The Polish Order will not double 1000 plus for quick childbearing. The Nursing Capital will always amount to PLN 12,000

Caring Capital, called immediately the 1000 plus benefit, it assumes paying the parents of second and subsequent children, aged 12-36 months, PLN 12,000. Beneficiaries will be able to choose whether they prefer to receive PLN 1,000 per month for a year or PLN 500 for two years.

According to the declarations of Minister Marlena Maląg and the provisions of Polish Lada, for the appearance of another child in less than 36 months after the previous one, the amount transferred to the parents was to double, to PLN 24,000. The head of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy spoke about it in an interview for Fakt.

In fact, if there is another child in the three years, the amount will be doubled. We are trying to implement such a solution, we will submit it for discussion. We would like to introduce it in stages. Nevertheless, the intervals between births are important from the point of view of the demographic challenges facing Poland, especially when it comes to the third and subsequent children in the family (and its impact on the fertility rate).

Marlena Maląg

A few hours later, the deputy minister of the family, Barbara Socha, officially stated that the information about doubling Caring Capital for the quick abiding of subsequent children is not true.

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The politician handed this over message in an interview with Wirtualna Polska.

I have to rectify such media reports about double wages. What is on the table today is capital of 12 thousand. PLN for the second and subsequent children, for flexible use in the second and third year of a child’s life.

Barbara Socha

Socha added that doubling, written in black and white in document presenting the Polish Deal, it was there by mistake. The politician summed up the situation with the statement that “a human thing is wrong”.

Part of the provisions of the Polish Deal is to take effect on January 1, 2021. As it turns out, not all the benefits included in it families will eventually be implemented, and those that will come into force will be subject to conditions that prevent existing parents from using them.

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