The Pompidou Center reopened in Shanghai

Finally, good news that should give strength to all those who fight the coronavirus, from the ranks of those who directly confront the disease to those who suffer it as a result, that is to say all the actors of the economy, its second victim. “The Center Pompidou is pleased to announce the reopening of the Center Pompidou x West Bund Museum Project in Shanghai, this Friday, March 20, 2020“, Announced the same day by press release the great Parisian museum.

The Pompidou x West Bund Center, officially opened on November 5, 2019 by the President of the French Republic and opened to the public in Shanghai on November 8, closed on January 24 for Chinese New Year. Without reopening due to the Covid-19 epidemic and following the Chinese government’s decision to close all public places until further notice.

The health situation in China has improved considerably in recent days, the Chinese authorities have agreed to the partial reopening of certain places, including museums“, Said the Pompidou Center in Paris in its press release.

The magnificent Aurélie Nemours and Calder room in the semi-permanent exhibition “The Shape of Time”. V. D. / Le Figaro

“Shanghai has reopened while taking the necessary precautions, I can only congratulate myself, entrusts to Figaro Bernard Blistène, director of the National Museum of Modern Art (MNAM), very involved in this Chinese project. This globetrotter of art, now immobilized in Paris by the health crisis, was in Shanghai in early November to welcome the French presidential delegation, alongside the president of the Pompidou Center, Serge Lasvignes, the curator of the inaugural exhibition Marcella Lista (“The Shape of time”) And multiple teams delegated to Shanghai (mediation, conservation, etc.).

Reopening … but strict rules

We are already working on implementing the rest of our programming: “Observations” should follow in summer, as previously agreed, the exhibition “Design and wonderful”, a state of contemporary design from our collections and then, as long awaited, the explosion “Kandinsky” which should open in September 2021. In addition, we are working with enthusiasm on a second thematic section for a renewal of the semi-permanent presentation of the creation of the XX and XXI centuries, section which will succeed the opening one designed by Marcella Lista, entitled “The Shape of time”, emphasizes this positive spirit.

Cristina Iglesias, “
Sin Titulo (Passage II)“, 2002.
V. D. / Le Figaro

“It is necessary, he says, welcome the complicity of our teams who have overcome with determination and rigor the situation with which the whole world is confronted today. There is no doubt that the reopening of the Shanghai Museum will restore vitality and hope to those for whom art remains the place of knowledge of others and of themselves.

As of this Friday, March 20, the Center Pompidou x West Bund Museum Project is therefore able to welcome visitors again, while still observing certain rules. They remain strict.

Only the two exhibition spaces (Hall 1: temporary route; Hall 2 and 3: semi-permanent route) will be accessible for a maximum tonnage of 500 people per day. Visitors must present themselves with an electronic ticket previously purchased online and will be required to continue to comply with the health and safety rules put in place to combat the spread of the virus.

In “
I see a Woman Crying (Weeping Woman), Tate Liverpool, 2009-2010“, The Dutch artist Rineke Dijkstra reacts the college students to”
The crying woman ” by Picasso.
V. D. / Le Figaro

Temporary exhibition “Observations”, presenting fifteen artists from the Center Pompidou’s New Media collection, from Tony Oursler at Bruce Nauman, from Rineke Dijkstra to Ciu Xiuwen, from Peter Campus to Joan Jonas, was originally scheduled to end on March 29. It will be extended until the end of April. The first semi-permanent route “The Shape of Time“, Bringing together a hundred works by major artists from the collection of the National Museum of Modern Art, will remain available until May 9, 2021.

Events bringing together the public (such as workshops or shows) will then reopen, free guided tours of the exhibitions for small groups of visitors will be organized. The complete program «of upcoming events at the Pompidou Center x West Bund Museum Project, updated in view of the situation, will be communicated soon

The empty patio of the Pompidou x West Bund Center in Shanghai, awaiting the speech of the President of the Republic. V. D. / Le Figaro


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