The Pope: too many vested interests on Covid vaccines, but health is a common good

“Too many partisan interests in anti Covid vaccines, selfishness does not solve the human and social crisis”: during the Wednesday general audience in the courtyard of San Damaso, Pope Francis hits hard on those “who would like to appropriate possible solutions, as in the case of vaccines, to then sell them the others “, or” take advantage of the situation to foment divisions: to seek economic or political advantages, generating or increasing conflicts. Others simply do not care about the suffering of others, they move on and go their own way. I’m the devotees of Pontius Pilate: they wash their hands ”. Instead, says Francesco, «The crisis we are experiencing due to the pandemic affects everyone; we can come out better if we all seek the common good together. The Christian response to the pandemic and the consequent socio-economic crises is based on love, above all the love of God which always precedes us “.

The virus knows no barriers

And he added: «As well as being individual, health is also a public good. A healthy society is one that takes care of everyone’s health. A virus that knows no barriers, borders or cultural and political distinctions must be faced with a love without barriers, borders or distinctions “. Because «this love can generate social structures that encourage us to share rather than compete, which allow us to include the most vulnerable and not discard them, and which help us to express the best of our human nature and not the worst. True love does not know the throwaway culture ».

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Good policy

During the audience, the Pope also spoke of “good politics”, which must have the “common good” as its objective. And he commented: «Politics often do not enjoy a good reputation, and we know why. This does not mean that all politicians are bad ”, in the history of humanity there have been many saintly politicians. Therefore we must not resign ourselves to this negative vision, but react by demonstrating with the facts that a good policy is possible, indeed, a duty. Christians, especially the lay faithful, are called to give good witness to this and can do so thanks to the virtue of charity, cultivating its intrinsic social dimension ”.

«Love the enemies? An art that you learn “

In the end it is love that makes the real difference, according to the Pope: «Loving everyone, including enemies as Jesus asks in the Gospel, is difficult, I would say it is an art! But an art that can be learned and improved ». Precisely “true love, which makes us fruitful and free, is always expansive and inclusive. This love heals, heals and does good. Therefore, love is not limited to relationships between two or three people, or to friends, or to family. It includes civic and political relationships, including the relationship with nature ».

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