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The poultry vaccination order has been issued. The disease from half a century ago is back

Newcastle disease, a highly contagious viral infection that affects chickens and turkeys, has reemerged in Podlasie, Poland after almost 50 years. The last recorded cases of this disease occurred in 1974. The Podlaskie Voivode has issued a vaccination order to protect the poultry population from the virus. This article explores the current situation in Podlasie and the measures being taken to combat the disease.


Yesterday, August 11 (16:12)

Paramyxovirus type I – this is the name of the pathogen that causes Newcastle disease. It attacked in Podlasie, and previous cases of this disease were recorded in Poland in 1974 (almost half a century ago). The Podlaskie Voivode issued an order for vaccination of chickens and turkeys.

Podlasie is being attacked by a virus that was last detected 49 years ago. Chickens and turkeys are at risk. Newcastle disease

The disease is caused by paramyxovirus type I. It is extremely virulent – it can lead to the disease of entire herds


Warrant vaccination in chicken and turkey farms against the disease was issued by the voivode of Podlasie, Bohdan Paszkowski, the Podlasie Voivodship Office announced on Friday. have occurred in the region so far four outbreaks of this contagious disease.

The last cases of this disease were recorded in Poland 49 years ago

Newcastle disease was confirmed in Podlasie in July. Previously, the last cases of this disease were recorded in Poland 49 years ago – in 1974. The disease is caused – as previously reported by veterinary services – paramyxovirus type I. The virus is also found in wild birds, it is highly virulent, it leads to the mortality of even the entire flock.

In the published regulation, Podlaskie Voivodeship has been recognized as an “area where there is a risk of an infectious animal disease subject to compulsory eradication”. The Office reminded that due to the disease, specific restricted areas were designated by the voivode’s earlier regulation. are found in the following districts: Białystok, Wysokie Mazowiecki and Moniecki.

Newcastle disease. Immediate vaccination order

Requiring owners of commercial poultry to vaccinate hens and turkeys against Newcastle disease without delay will reduce the spread of the virus ND (Newcastle disease) in the Podlaskie Voivodship” – the office said. Day-old chicks of hens and turkeys also need to be vaccinated, immediately in hatching plants. Only birds intended for slaughter are excluded from vaccination.

The governor’s regulation also prohibits breeders from introducing chickens and turkeys to farms in the region that are not vaccinated against this disease and eggs for hatching that are from flocks that are not immune to the disease. This is – as justified – to protect against the spread of infections.

The voivode issued a regulation at the request of the Podlaskie Voivodship Veterinary Officer. It was stressed that there is a high risk of Newcastle disease in the region on farms where poultry is raised.

Newcastle disease (ND) is a dangerous disease that causes large losses in the poultry population and must be eradicated. It poses a threat to poultry production all over the world. ND is characterized by a very high mortality rate in sensitive animal species and leads to economic losses.

The disease appeared in four outbreaks in Podlasie

PUW concluded that so far, from 11 to 21 July in Podlaskie, the disease occurred in poultry farms in two communes in the Białystok district: Turośń Kościelna and Dobrzyniewo Duże, where four outbreaks of the disease were confirmed on commercial poultry farms and one non-commercial farm. The veterinary inspection had already informed that in all cases of the disease, herds were liquidated, farms were disinfected and decontaminated.

“The occurrence of four outbreaks of the disease in such a short period may indicate the increasing pressure of the ND virus in the environment, and thus poses a high risk of Newcastle disease in poultry in a larger area of ​​the Podlaskie Voivodship– justifies the office.

Veterinary services have already informed – and the provincial office reminded – that Various registered Newcastle disease vaccines are available on the marketthat protect against this disease and prevent its spread.

Spokeswoman for the Podlaskie Voivode Anna Dzierszko informed that Details on poultry vaccinations will be released on Monday at a planned press conference.


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