The PP accuses the Government of “predisposing the Spaniards in favor of gagging the media”

Casado asks Tezanos to appear in Congress and narrows the negotiation with Snchez: “It is very good that we talk about pacts in the medium term, that’s what Parliament is for.”

Pablo Casado and Isabel Daz Ayuso, this Thursday at the Ifema hospital, Madrid.
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The PP believes that the president of the CIS, Jos Flix Tezanos, “should already have resigned”, after having truffled his latest sociological barometer of questions that benefit the government of the party to which he belongs, the PSOE.

In addition, the CIS in April contained another question that has angered the main opposition party “Do you think that at the moment it would be necessary to prohibit the dissemination of hoaxes and misleading and unsubstantiated information by the networks and the social media, referring all information about the pandemic to official sources, or do you think that total freedom must be maintained for the dissemination of news and information? “

The PP answers him with a “defense of freedom of information”. “Pedro Snchez takes advantage of this state of alarm to annul the transparency portal and uses the CIS to predispose the Spaniards in favor of gagging the media,” said the Deputy Secretary for Communication of the PP, Pablo Montesinos. “It is an intolerable attack on freedom of information that we will not consent to. We will take all necessary measures in the face of possible censorship,” sources added.popular.

It should be noted that the formulation of this question by the CIS collides with article 20 of the Constitution, which recognizes the right to freedom of information, specifically, to “express and freely disseminate thoughts, ideas and opinions through the word, the written or any other means of reproduction. ” And that it establishes that the “exercise of these rights cannot be restricted by means of any type of prior censorship”.

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The PP’s Deputy Secretary for Social Policy,Cuca Gamarra, added in Antena 3 that the CIS is an “instrument that has been put at the service of Snchez and his ambition for power, solely and exclusively”. “It is the use of the instruments of the State at the service of a political project and that in Spain is frankly reprehensible.”

In fact, the spokesperson for the popular in Congress, Cayetana Alvarez de Toledo, has asked Tezanos to appear in both the Constitutional and Democratic Quality Commission in the Lower House, so that the “faithful militant” Tezanos “explains with detail “in Congress his” particular commitment to a Ministry of Truth “and to convert the CIS into the” Sanchista Information Committee “.

Pacts of La Moncloa

On the other hand,popularThey have returned to be suspicious today of the offer of Pactos de La Moncloa that the President of the Government has made. The head of the opposition, Pablo Casado, has argued that his party is open to reaching economic agreements, but if it involves leaving Podemos aside, as EL MUNDO has advanced today.

“It is very good that we talk about pacts in the medium term and that is what Parliament is for and that is why we are the political representatives, to agree, to negotiate, to debate, to agree on all the issues that matter to Spanish citizens. But I think that urgent and what is important are urgent shock plans to alleviate the number of infections, avoid more deaths and also avoid the economic damage to unemployed in closings of companies of this pandemic, “he summarized, in a visit to the temporary hospital of Ifema, along with the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Daz Ayuso.

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The PP is thrown back, especially by the Pablo Iglesias contest. “In any pact that is to end the health crisis, we will be in favor. If it is to maintain the economic model of Podemos, no,” Teodoro Garca Egea, secretary general of the PP, synthesized in two interviews on 7 TV, in Murcia, and Telemadrid.

“At the moment Snchez dedicates more time to Pablo Iglesias than to the PP,” lamented Casado’s number two. “Whenever Snchez has called us, we have come,” he confirmed. “Let Snchez call Casado, who has his phone,” he has stopped.

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