The PP fights against the abstention of a disenchanted center-right

In the Popular Party they have come to the conclusion that the center-right is not fragmented into three parties, but into four: PP, Citizens, Vox «and the party of abstention». The latter is the one that concerns them most right now, in the final stretch of the election campaign. After the bust of April 28, the popular are meeting with a disenchanted electorate and exhausted by the accumulation of electoral appointments, and know that the result of next May 26 will depend on their ability to mobilize, but also their ability not to favor a greater participation of the left, which in general was en masse to vote to stop Vox.

In Genoa they calculate that in the general elections one and a half million of their former voters stayed at home and did not go to the polls. Another long million eluded Vox. In all of them he has set his goal to try to recover part of the support lost at the polls and thus start the "comeback" that Casado yearns to reinforce his project and silence the internal criticism, before the hot summer that is felt.

On April 28, a fractured center-right faced a hyper-mobilized left, and with that sum of factors it was almost impossible for it to win.

After the experience in the general elections, the PP electoral team tries not to agitate the left voters. It is a proven fact that the more prominence they gave to Vox, or the more they wanted to look like that party, the more they provoked the desire of the left for going to vote to stop the right. "The left went in a block, nobody stayed at home, the abstention was above all from ours," sources close to Casado comment.

In this campaign of the municipal, autonomous and European, Vox has disappeared from the speeches of Casado and the main candidates. Neither it is mentioned nor is it wanted to give any kind of protagonism. The tone of the president of the PP is being much more moderate, without shrillness or radicalism of any kind. One competes for the space of center, mainly occupied by Citizens, a territory that in part also looks for the PSOE.

At the same time as trying to "bore" the left with a little visceral campaign, to lower their participation in the polls, the PP faces another ghost, discouragement in the ranks of the right.

In these last days of campaign the popular ones are going away to overturn in a message, that they are going to repeat in all the possible supports: «If you are not going to vote, they remain». The PP has printed brochures explaining the "reasons to go to vote" on May 26. "Because your vote is more important than ever," he warns.

The "triple risk"
Those of Casado are going to insist that a triple government of the left, in La Moncloa, in a Community and the City Council, would give free hands to the socialists and the populists to raise taxes whatever they wanted, without any territorial resistance. It will be one of his most important arguments. "People start to fear a left government in all institutions, because there would be no brake on tax policy," they say in the PP.

At the same time, the popular want to take advantage of the disappointment of Vox voters to attract them back to the «common house». The party of Genoa has in its favor that many voters of the formation of Santiago Abascal "have proven the futility of dividing the vote, because it has clearly favored Sánchez to continue governing."

In the PP there is no sign of the optimism that was exhibited in the campaign of the generals until practically the last minute before the jug of cold water arrived. Nor are criticisms of the polls heard, as before. In this wounded match there is above all caution and realism. They know that they have it very difficult, that some of their bastions, like the Community of Madrid, can be lost. The "jewel in the crown", the City Council, would be more feasible if this conjunction of greater mobilization of the center-right and a withdrawal of the left occurs. "The problem is that we continue to perceive a very mobilized left and a discouraged electorate of our own, and that complicates everything," they acknowledge in Genoa.

Married believes that in the overall results of the municipal PP will increase its advantage over Citizens, which could then serve the national leadership as an argument in its defense.

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