The PP requires Puig and Oltra to remove from their municipal lists those accused in the Divalterra case

The Deputy Secretary General of the Popular Party of the Valencian Community, Elena Bastidas, has demanded Ximo Puig and Mónica Oltra to remove from their municipal lists the socialist and Compromís candidates imputed in the Alquería case, in which the management of these is investigated two parties in the public company Divalterra.

Elena Bastidas has referred to the citation as investigators of the Socialists Salvador Femenía, provincial deputy and current mayor and candidate of his party in l'Alqueria de la Comtessa, and Víctor Jiménez, mayor and candidate in Rocafort, as well as the number of 2 in the list of Commitments to the City Council of Silla, José Luis Melero.

In addition, the current manager of Egevasa, Miguel Ángel Ferri, the district secretary of PSPV of La Hoya de Buñol, Lucas Ferrando, the socialist historian Manuel Carot, advisor to Joan Lerma between 1987 and 1995 and José Manuel Orengo in Gandia between 2010 and 2011, the exconcejal of Compromís en Oliva, Pau Pérez, the leader of this party in Sueca Raúl Ibáñez, and Soledad Torija, a person linked to the nationalist formation.

"Puig and Oltra can not continue looking the other way and giving coverage to the alleged corrupt parties in their electoral lists," the popular said in a statement Wednesday. "While they try to whitewash their cases, the accused are accumulated in the municipal candidacies," he said.

"Produces shame other people hear Ximo Puig and Monica Oltra talk about recovering the reputational mortgage when they are unable to submit lists without charges," he stressed. "The Valencians again witness the deception of these two formations, which are not able to demonstrate with facts their words about taking firm action in the face of allegedly criminal acts."

He also asked Toni Gaspar, president of the Provincial Council, "not to continue doing as if nothing happened here. Salvador Femenía is a provincial deputy, Miguel Ángel Ferri is managing director of Egevasa and now they join the list of imputed in which the deputy of Culture and spokesman of Compromís, Xavier Rius, and the deputy of Sports, Isabel García are already »

«Much regenerative speech and much grandiose statement but the reality is that corruption nests under the acronym of PSOE and Compromís. It is grotesque to hear Oltra, Puig or Gaspar say that they have never demanded the resignation of an accused. The problem is its double yardstick when cases of corruption affect people of their political formation ».

The lists of shame
The PSPV and Compromís have become the most imputed or splashed by corruption parties on their lists because, only in the province of Valencia have more than 25 open court cases. "The lists of PSPV and Compromís are plagued of imputed or implied in cases of corruption, without Puig or Oltra do anything. They are the lists of shame, "he stressed.

"It seems that the socialists are now forgetting the then socialist president of the Provincial Council that concocted the Alqueria case, the mayor of Paterna investigated by two cases not clear, the mayor of Moncada and the Police Councilman also investigated." .

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