The Premier League interrupted its activity due to the coronavirus until April 4

Sport around the world is literally paralyzed by the advance of the coronavirus. As the hours pass, cancellations for various competitions are falling and for the moment a few tournaments are still being played. The Premier League was another of the tournaments that announced its suspension with “The intention to return to April 4”.

After being confirmed two cases of coronavirus In English football, the authorities met and chose to act with caution: they decided to cancel the programming stipulated by three weeks, although the return will be subject to “advice” of specialists in the field.

On Thursday, March 12, it was learned that the studies carried out on the Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta and at the end of Chelsea Callum Hudson-Odoi they tested positive for COVID-19, so the organizers decided to act quickly to prevent cases from spreading.

The determination includes the parties corresponding to the FA Cup –The quarterfinals were to be played on March 21–, the promotion categories and at women’s championship. The intention will be to reschedule the postponed games once the calendar is restarted, although everything will be subject to the evolution of the news.

The Premier League had to face the 30th date of the tournament this weekend, when there are still eight left to finish the contest that currently leads the Liverpool with 82 units and 25 points of distance on his escort, the Manchester City.

After a shareholder meeting today, it was unanimously decided to suspend the Premier League with the intention of returning on April 4, subject to medical advice and conditions at the time.

Premier League Chief Executive Richard Masters said: “Above all, we wish Mikel Arteta and Callum Hudson-Odoi to recover quickly, and everyone else affected by COVID-19. In this unprecedented situation, we are working closely with our clubs, the Government, the FA and the EFL and we can assure everyone that the health and well-being of the players, staff and supporters is our priority. ”

Despite the challenges, the goal of the Premier League is to reschedule displaced games, including those played by Academy teams, when it is safe to do so.

In this fast-moving environment, more updates will be provided when appropriate.

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