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The president assures that the death sentence will not be carried out

Norwegian Saad Jirde Hayd, who was sentenced to death in Somaliland in 2020, was not upheld in the appeal case in Somaliland’s Supreme Court.

– Norway takes the sharpest distance from the use of the death penalty. This is a matter we have followed very closely both politically and diplomatically, says Anniken Huitfeldt to TV 2.

Conversations with the President

She says she had talks with the president of Somaliland on Monday.

– He assured me that this death sentence will not be carried out, Huitfeldt says.

The two have also agreed to keep in touch, as this is a matter Norway will follow up closely.

– It remains to be seen what the president does to get this done, says the foreign minister.

Rashid Yusef during a visit to his father in prison. Photo: Simen Askjer / TV 2

Hayd’s son, Rashid Yusef, hopes that pressure on the Somaliland authorities can save his father. He received the devastating message Monday morning.

– We’re having a hell of a time. It’s a bit dark right now, he told TV 2 earlier Monday.

– Worked in all channels

Huitfeldt can not promise the family a quick solution, but says that they are working on the case in all channels.

– I want to tell the family that we do everything we can through both political and diplomatic channels. Norway distances itself from the death penalty and does everything we can to prevent it from happening, she says.

– Why have you not been able to find a solution?

– It is a demanding case. We have seen from other cases that the country’s authorities want the legal process to go ahead as usual and that after the verdict has been handed down, it is possible to appeal to political authorities, says Huitfeldt.

Attorney Farid Bouras.  Photo: Simen Askjer / TV 2

Attorney Farid Bouras. Photo: Simen Askjer / TV 2

Jider Hayd’s lawyer, Farid Bouras, also believes that diplomacy at the highest level is the only hope.

Bouras says the next step in the process is to seek pardon from the president.

Convicted of using defense spray

Norwegian Saad Jider Hayd has been sentenced to death in two courts in Somaliland. On Monday, the answer came to his last chance for acquittal.

The death penalty is upheld, and Saad is sentenced to death by the Supreme Court.

Hayd, who has lived in Norway for over 40 years, was on holiday when he ended up in a fight with another man late one evening in April in 2020.

Hayd claims that he sprayed the other man with a defense spray, but that the man was alive when the two went their separate ways. The next day, the 55-year-old was awakened by the police coming and saying that he had poisoned and killed the other man.

According to the Secretary of State, Hayd will be visited by representatives from the embassy in the prison. There he lives in a cell with many other inmates.

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