The President of Iran can examine the U.N.


Iran's president and other officials could not attend a United Nations meeting in New York next week because of the obstacles raised by the United States, an Iranian state newspaper was reported on Wednesday. Tehran and Washington are locked into a training counter attack over Saudi Arabia last weekend which is being blamed by American officials.

Sometimes Mr Trump, who has already imposed economic penalties on Iran, has already been punished, Write on Twitter he said to Steven Mnuchin, secretary to the Treasury, “that it would significantly increase sanctions on Iran's country.” t

The news of Iran's likely absenteeism came at the meeting when Saudi Arabia was pleased to publicize what it said as evidence of Tehran's responsibility for the numerous airstrips against oil processing facilities in the kingdom. The attack, using drones and cruise missiles may, after processing Arabian oil be temporarily cut in half, shaking global markets.

The US visas for preliminary Iranian staff did not go to New York to prepare for the UN General Assembly, according to the outlet, the Islamic Republican News Agency. As a result, he said, President Hassan Rouhani and his delegation would not attend the meeting, which runs from Tuesday through Monday thereafter.

The attack on Saturday was the most recent factor – and the most serious – increasing tensions between the two countries, raising fear of military conflicts and even a full war.

Iran and its ally, Houthi rebel faction in Yemen, argues that the Houthis – who are fighting an Arabian-led coalition in Yemen battlefield – made the strikes in compensation for the extensive bombings of Saudi Arabia who killed thousands of people in Yemen. The Houthis are known to supply Iran's weapons to use, but the attack showed a level of technological sophistication much longer than the previous Houthis showed.

US and Saudi officials have said that the attack uses Iran's army weekend. The Americans have also said that there is evidence that a public strike from Iran, north, rather than from Yemen, to the south, has not been publicly available.

The Defense Arabian Ministry organized a news conference on Wednesday afternoon to present what is known as “material evidence and Iranian weapons that have created the Iranian regime's involvement. in Houthi previously he meets Saudi Arabia, or more directly, such as Iran personnel who participated or launched the attack from Iran.

Mr Rouhani sent a formal note on Monday to the US denying Iranian's role and warning that any American action against Iran would revenge, Iran's state news media was reported on Wednesday. The note went through Swiss messengers who act on their promises because the US and Iran do not have diplomatic relations.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo planned to meet on Wednesday in Saudi Arabia with Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the heir to the throne and the day-to-day ruler of the country, but it was unclear whether there would be any public notice about the talks. In a statement, the Department of State said that “both would discuss the recent attack on the oil facilities of the kingdom and coordinate efforts to tackle Iran's attack in the region.” T

Mr Trump put a tweet on Sunday that the United States was “waiting to hear from the Kingdom about who they believed was the cause of this attack, and what terms would we go on!” t


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