The President of KHL questions the results of the Covid-19 tests performed in Latvia

Alexei Morozov, President of the Continental Hockey League (KHL), has expressed harsh criticism towards Latvia, because the Covid-19 quick tests performed in Riga are unreliable, but the tests performed in Russia are negative for the same people.

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KHL often encounters Covid-19 cases this season, but the Latvian team Riga “Dinamo”, which is not the main culprit in all cases, is the biggest figure in this matter. Latvian judges had to judge two matches in Riga, because the arriving KHL judges were ill in one case, but in the other case the sanitary protocol was not fulfilled. After arriving in Riga, several positive cases of Covid-19 were detected for the KHL team in Nizhny Novgorod “Neftehimik”, but on Thursday KHL canceled another match with the Riga team – Covid-19 was detected in the Nursultan “Baris” team and the Kazakh team was quarantined. Following Neftehimik’s illness, self-isolation was also established at Helsinki’s Jokerit, as the Finnish club had previously met with the unit and demanded quarantine from Finnish officials.

Due to all these and other cases, KHL has had to cancel several matches, which has angered the league leadership. Although more than 100 cases of KHL teams were reported in the Russian media before the season in the summer, the start of the season was not postponed and the matches also take place in the presence of spectators (although the number of spectators is limited).

They (“Jokerit”) learned that “Neftehimik” hockey players in Riga had positive tests. In Finland, Jokerit hockey players were considered to be the contact person. But we do know that there were only four positive cases in the repeated tests (Neftehimik). After returning to Nizhnekamsk, the players underwent more detailed tests and no cases were confirmed. “Neftehimik even played the next match in St. Petersburg,” says Morozov.

“We sent a letter to Riga to change the testers. Their express tests give positive results. We found out about this with the case of Neftehimik and with the case of the judges. Our tests, which we perform in 8-10 hours, are much more accurate, ”says Morozov.

KHL’s criticism is rejected by the representatives of the Riga “Dinamo” and the laboratory of the test performer E. Gulbis, reports “”. Jānis Stepītis, the press secretary of Riga “Dinamo”, pointed out that it is up to the medical staff to take analyzes. Riga “Dynamo” Representatives of the medical staff did not provide answers, but the team doctor Āris Aivars confirmed that no express tests were performed from the teams that came from abroad.

Sandra Dimante, member of the board of E. Gulbis laboratory, “” categorically stated that no express tests are performed in the laboratory “I do not know where the president of KHL gathers information, but we have not performed any express tests! This is simply false information. We perform RNA tests, yes, with different methods. The express tests have been tested on an experimental basis, but we have made sure that they are not accurate and we no longer use them accordingly. ”

“The obtained positive analyzes are checked again. We are working very hard on it, and we are firmly convinced of the results of our analyzes, ”Dimante emphasized. “After all, we tested not only hockey players, but also football players, motocross players and beach volleyball players. No one has had any claims. “

E. Gulby’s laboratory board member did not want to comment on the Covid-19 tests performed elsewhere, did not comment on how the KHL club “Neftekhimik” players could be tested for negative tests in Russia very soon after the positive tests in Riga. “I’ll just say that test samples can be obtained in different ways,” said Dimante. Regarding the statement of the President of KHL that the Riga club should change the type of organized tests, Dimante said that it would be absurd to ask the club for such a decision:

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