The President of the Aragon Government rebuked Valentino Rossi


ARAGON – President of the Aragonese Government, Javier was slow to respond to statements Valentino Rossi after the Monster Energy Yamaha racer tested positive for it Covid-19. This has to do with comments The Doctor who feel lucky not to force themselves to fly to Spain to take part in the series 10 race at the Aragon Circuit, Sunday (18/10/2020).

Rossi previously said if he had to isolate himself for a week in Aragon, he would spend time on the balcony. That statement immediately got a response from Javier. (Also read: Rossi Luckily Not Quarantined at Aragon)

Through his personal Twitter social media account, he wrote: “Come back at will, but please heal first. But, fully recover, that COVID is not your main health problem !,” chirped Slowly, responding to Rossi’s statement.

Rossi himself is currently undergoing an independent quarantine period in his hometown of Tavullia, Italy. And, when he found out that he was infected with Covid-19, he felt sad. (Also read: Meregalli Says the Whole MotoGP Team Miss Rossi)

That was expressed through social media networks. He admitted that he was sad because he failed to appear in Aragon.

“I am very disappointed that I will miss the race in Aragon. I want to be optimistic and confident, but I suspect the second race in Aragon will also be missed,” explained Rossi.



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