The president of the House of Commons announces that he will leave office


The president of the House of Commons, John Bercow, has announced that he will leave office, effective immediately if the deputies approve on Monday the motion promoted by the Boris Johnson Government to call early parliamentary elections in mid-October.

At the beginning of the session in the Lower House, Bercow has confirmed that he will resign immediately if the electoral motion thrives, something that however does not seem possible due to the rejection of the opposition to Johnson's plan. If there are no elections, he will remain in office until October 31, Brexit date.

Bercow has claimed that his decision is "the least harmful" for the development of parliamentary activity, in a speech applauded from the opposition bench and in which the president has been visibly moved. In the guest gallery were his wife and children, according to the Sky News network.

The Conservative Party had already advanced on Sunday that in the next general elections they will present an alternative candidate to John Bercow to preside over the House of Commons for considering that he has "flagrantly" abused his power during the Brexit voting.

"I will not apologize to anyone," Bercow warned, recalling that seats are not reserved for "delegates" but for "representatives" of citizenship. Bercow thus ends 22 years as a deputy, the last ten as president of the House of Commons: "It has been the greatest honor of my professional career."

Bercow, a 56-year-old «Tory», has been in office since 2009 but has gained great visibility during the succession of debates and voting that have been held in recent months in the British Parliament on the United Kingdom's departure from the European Union . .


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