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The growth was more than 5.7% for Brent crude oil and more than 7.2% for WTI. Oil quotes rise in price after the entry into force of a new OPEC + deal on May 1 to record a reduction in raw material production



$ 25.28


Photo: Andronov Alexey / TASS

Photo: Andronov Alexey / TASS

The cost of the July futures for Brent crude oil rose by 5.79% and reached $ 27.97 per barrel, according to trading data on the ICE exchange in London. The price of WTI American oil with delivery in June added 7.23% and is trading at $ 21.21 (data as of 23:48 Moscow time).

Oil quotes began to grow after the entry into force on May 1 of the new OPEC + deal to reduce daily production by almost 10 million barrels. On the morning of May 1, the price of Brent crude for July delivery rose by more than 2% and exceeded $ 27 per barrel (at maximum Brent futures then cost $ 27.7). The price of the June WTI oil futures on May 1 at the moment exceeded $ 20.3.

In early March, OPEC + member countries were unable to agree to extend the deal. It ceased to operate on April 1, and the oil production limits set in the cartel were thus lifted: now countries themselves could regulate their production of raw materials.

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