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The price of hydrogen for cars could equal oil in six years, the government plans

According to the Hydrogen Strategy of the Czech Republic, by 2027, the price of hydrogen for driving cars could fall to such a level that the costs are comparable to driving on diesel. This corresponds to a price of about 3.5 euros (89.70 crowns) per kilogram of hydrogen. About three years earlier, hydrogen is expected to start competing with oil in the places where it will be produced.

A passenger car with fuel cells needs about 0.8-1.2 kg of hydrogen to cover 100 km, depending on the load and driving style. At the price of 89.70 crowns per kilogram, this means 0.72-1.08 crowns per kilometer in fuel costs.

At the same time, the state expects to support, at least until 2030, the development and production of technologies for hydrogen mobility, the acquisition and operation of vehicles by public transport operators, state administration and local governments or business entities, and the construction of related filling infrastructure.

A passenger car for hydrogen fuel cells is currently offered on the Czech market only by Toyota, which is a promoter of the use of this technology in transport. The second generation of its Mirai model will cover more than 650 km per tank, while its filling time is about five minutes. Hyundai also wants to sell its Nexo model in the Czech Republic since the autumn.

Hydrogen cars are precisely called “Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles” (FCEVs) and work by generating electricity in those fuel cells by reacting hydrogen from oxygen tanks to water. The cars also have a small balancing battery.

In the first phase of the hydrogen strategy until 2026, the state wants to focus on subsidy support for the construction of hydrogen filling stations. The first should open this year and by 2030 there should be up to 80 of them. The cost of these stations will be a cumulative roughly 3.5 billion crowns.

According to the updated National Plan for Clean Mobility, 40 to 50 thousand hydrogen cars and less than a thousand hydrogen buses should run in the Czech Republic in 2030.

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