The price of the butane cylinder will drop another 5% from next Tuesday, to 13.17 euros


The average price of the butane cylinder will fall by 4.98% from next Tuesday, to 13.17 euros, compared to the 13.86 euros it currently costs.

This decline, the third consecutive, is mainly due to the applications of outstanding surplus of the previous two months (7.23 cents per kilo), which compensates the increase experienced by the cost of raw materials (2.9%) and freight (22.9%), and the limit of maximum variation of 5% between two updates that prevents the price of the bottle from falling even more this bimester.

Therefore, a surplus of 0.7 euro cents per kilogram is also generated, which will be applied in successive quarters, indicated Europa Press in sources from the Ministry for the Ecological Transition.

After this revision, the maximum price of the 12.5 kilogram bottle, once taxes are included, will register a decrease of 69 cents with respect to its current price.

This is the third consecutive decline recorded in the price of the butane gas cylinder so far in 2019, thus accumulating a 14% drop since November, when its last increase occurred.

In the last revision of March a 4.87% was reduced, while in January it fell 4.96%, month in which it ended a series of three consecutive increases, after the rise of 4.93% registered in November and 4.95% and 4.9% in the September and July revisions, respectively.

The new price of the butane bottle will be valid for two months, until the third Tuesday of next July, when it will be revised again.

The regulated price affects the butane cylinders most commonly used by households, containers with a load equal to or greater than 8 kilograms and less than 20 kilograms.

On the other hand, the sale prices of the channeled LPG will suppose for a typical consumer (500 kg) an increase in its invoice after taxes of 2.1% with respect to the previous month.

Ministry sources indicated that this rise is due to an increase in raw materials, with a rise in propane (+ 4.2%), partially offset by the drop in butane (-2.7%).

In addition, it is also affected by the rise in freight rates (+ 32.9%) and the depreciation of the euro against the dollar (0.6%). . (tagsToTranslate) price (t) cylinder (t) butane


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