The primary with radical views did not shake hands with the German official, he will not acquire citizenship

The court dealt with the complaint of a Lebanese who has lived in Germany legally since 2002 and works as a primary hospital. He was to acquire German citizenship in 2015, but refused to shake hands with the relevant official when the documents were handed over. The migration office therefore refused to grant him citizenship.

The Lebanese defended himself against the court’s decision in a court in Stuttgart, which rejected his complaint. The opinion of the lower court has now been agreed by the higher administrative court. According to him, the attitudes of the man in question do not guarantee that he will be able to integrate into German society.

According to the DPA, the court file states that a Lebanese who is a supporter of a radical interpretation of Islam, so-called Salafism, refuses to shake hands with all women. According to him, there is a risk that contact with a person of the opposite sex could provoke sexual temptation in him, or he could commit immoral behavior.

The Lebanese also stated that at the marriage he promised his wife, a German Muslim of Syrian origin, that he would not shake hands with any other woman.

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