The Principality, blunt about taking tests at Oviedo and Sporting: “They do not fall within the criteria of essential workers”

The Principality of Asturias today valued the possibility of carrying out tests of the coronavirus on the footballers of Oviedo and Sporting, the representatives of the region in professional football:“They do not fall within the criteria of essential workers, when they meet the criteria they will be made like other citizens”, Rafael CofiƱo, general director of Public Health of Asturias, indicated during the appearance to recount the large-scale study on immunity that will begin on Monday.

The issue of football has dragged on for the past few days, as the La Liga project to carry out thousands of tests to detect the coronavirus against First and Second Division soccer players has fueled the controversy, something that today has been officially delayed until new order. On the one hand, the players fear the possibility of getting it, despite the protocols developed back to the activity. On the other, the doctors of the clubs regret the lack of response from La Liga to their questions. AND,Lastly, possible criticism for the massive use of tests that have not yet reached one hundred percent of healthcare personnel.. Today, the League officially informed the clubs of the delay in the tests that were scheduled until Health authorized the protocol.

Regarding Asturian football, andl Sporting was the first club to announce yesterday that its players will undergo the coronavirus test.The rojiblanco club also broke down the list of 27 players who will take the test. Oviedo, for its part, did not specify details, but today stressed in its official Twitter account that“The club, like all the sectors that make up the society of our country, awaits instructions from the Ministry of Health and will comply with its order regarding the steps that must be followed to collaborate in the fight against COVID19”

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