«The problem is not in the body of transgender people, but in society»

Amaia Elosegi was named Ansa at birth. She herself Aimar Elosegi Ansa was it In his letter to the suicide he wrote, however, he said, "I would like to show Amaia and Aimar names in the funeral for my remembrance, which I am composed of both." Friends, close friends, 'Moio' He was told that in April 2007, at the age of 21, he committed suicide for the transgender hernani youth.

He has chosen that designation Kattalin Miner (Hernani, 1988) When the writer and journalist decided to write the book's title for the tenth anniversary of mined suicide. Zumaia City Council and the Tene Mujika Scholarship 2017 organized by ElkarreThe project was carried out in San Sebastián on Wednesday with the media Kattalin Miner, Deba Cultural Councilor Ane Egidazu and Xabier Mendiguren. In the afternoon, Kattalin Miner and Danele Sarriugart presented themselves in front of Hernani, and next Sunday there will be a "transverse" session on the town, reflections on the many issues raised in the book, and the accusations, to bring them to the fullest extent possible.

As the miner has said, «Beyond literature» It's the book In 2007 family, friends and fellow citizens The death of Aimar and his descendants are also beyond a biographical or personal perspective, as Kattalin Miner thinks The political, public and non-private lawsuit.

There is no problem in favor of a young man whose family and friendship is preferred to death rather than being "in the body of the transgender person, but in society". That's why he tried to make an emotional, political and polyhedron map of Aim's death and subsequent events.

Secure transmission

On the tenth anniversary of the death of Moori Kattalin Miner first felt relentlessly. Unlike in previous years, he did not feel the need to do anything special. What was it, the end of the most fierce mourning, or the beginning of oblivion? Was this inconvenient to think whether there was something similar in a broader sense, the question was not «Socially covering» although in the meantime the hernani response was unbelievable and "precursor". He noticed "Transmission was not guaranteed", and even less overcome – as has been proved more than once in a while – the social situation that Aimar committed to commit suicide.

"Visibility has improved a lot, we have reached some minimums"

«Tolerance is cited, but we are not reaching a socially friendly society»

After a series of hypotheses, "I began to write for myself, and we started talking about what we did not say at any time." Taking over ten years of "silence necessity", he finally set out to work on the book "very intuitively". Due to the fact that the issues mainly affected questions, he decided to ask questions.

It is based on nine conversations, namely, 'Moio'. "He picked up different voices and picked up different media streams" words of friends ("To nicknames, to reflect group"); family members Ander Elosegi Ansa brother's; In Medeak, they bring political and theoretical views Ana Churruca and Joseba Iturriozenak; They sang verse and punishment in Aimee's death Maialen Lujanbio and Iratxe Retolazaand, as a last resort, nowadays Aimar lives in the process Brayan Altimasberes young transgender hernani.

"Moio" is not, however, an interview book, chronicle, testimonial gathering and a shared reflection. He leaves a lot of questions in the air, but he also answers, and makes suggestions that can be very helpful in both personal and collective ways.

It also has books from people interviewed. At some point, this study is overcome. "We have a lot more information now. So if we knew what we know today … », the miner approved. Tabu, however, are still there. In this case, the taboo is also double, since suicide and transsexuality remain uncomfortable.

"Visibility has improved a lot, we have reached some minimum" and "tolerance" or whatever is ", but there is still a lot of ignorance." And we have arrived, in any case, "a society that is so habitable to everyone", as Aimarrena, unfortunately, has never been the only suicide of a transgender young woman in recent years in the Basque Country.

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