The profiles are finally also arriving on Google TV, but other new features have been announced

In a post on the Google blog, Rob Caruso, Product Management, UX – Google TV, shared with users a series of news items that will be introduced to Google TV, one in particular that is much desired and anticipated. In fact, your TVs may soon be better suited to each member of the family, thanks to the new feature that introduces profiles to Google TV. These will allow everyone to take advantage of their personalized space with their Google account, in which they will receive advice on TV programs and films according to their tastes, will have access to the list of personal titles and will ask the Assistant for help. Google. For the smaller inhabitants of the house, it will also be possible to create a profile for children to help them access a fun collection of films and programs under the guidance of an adult.

Last June, we told you about the new Clubhouse-inspired Facebook section, the Live Audio Room, which was first created in the United States, while its spectrum of use has now extended to creators and retailers. public figures around the world. As you can guess, live audio rooms are places where their creators can engage in conversations with any number of people who join, who can be referred to as speakers or listeners. They have the option to show their support or appreciation for the host by sending stars, a virtual currency from Facebook. This, in turn, will bring them to the front, so that they are clearly visible to the hosts. Live Audio Rooms also allow the possibility of setting up fundraisers for a non-profit organization.

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These rooms are featured prominently in the Facebook news feed and people can also sign up to receive alerts when a live audio room is posted. As seen in other similar cases, here too it was made possible to enable live captions, “raise your hand” to request a speaker and send feedback. At the moment, the chat rooms in question can only be created on iOS, but the company has launched tests to bring them to Android as well, to which is added another in which the ability to listen to a call on the desktop is added. is added.


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