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Technology was installed on the edges of our lives and we live with the supports at hand or through a click. We attend great innovations and now we can know what state the organs of our body are in.

In this new era of innovations and discoveries, there is an apparatus, a kind of scanner, that allows a preventive diagnosis to be made in the universe of biological medicine. In this way, the support aims to visualize the integral functioning of the body, allowing normality to be identified as well as those symptoms that could be risky. It also provides valuable information on cellular metabolism. It also enriches the analysis processes because it incorporates complementary techniques that work on the dynamic balance of the body.

This type of equipment analyzes the respiratory, nervous, hormonal, digestive, heart, brain, and genitourinary systems. It is important to know that this method is not a substitute or a substitute for any other traditional medical check-up.

The benefits of technology at the service of health is that, in this case, a scan can detect early symptoms before a certain disease appears. Preventive medicine anticipates genetic and hereditary pathologies and invites you to improve a person’s quality of life, because if there is an imbalance, you can anticipate, correct eating habits and routines.

The speed and certainty in obtaining results includes information such as quantitative data on hormones, cell oxidation, minerals, vitamins and the percentages of muscle mass, fat and water. Once the body scan is ready, the responsible specialist will deliver the results and may or may not suggest a complete list of other complementary studies such as blood or urine tests and imaging.

New developments in modern medicine such as the full body scanner allow images to be captured forty times faster than traditional traditional axial tomography. This tool allows to obtain a panorama of the body in a single scan. So the level of detail obtained is amazing.

The phrase “prevention is better than cure” applies perfectly in the universe of medicine. It would be a kind of definition for these discoveries that detect the pathologies that affect health in time, being of great help to initiate an appropriate and effective treatment. The recommendations presented could be the keys to early detection and improvement of quality of life.


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