The prosecutor assured that “she would have almost all the elements to send to trial” Piparo’s husband

The prosecutor who accuses Juan Manuel Buzali, Carolína Píparo’s husband, of trying to kill two motorcyclists he ran over in La Plata on New Year’s Eve, said today that the prosecution “would have almost all the elements to send the case to trial.”

María Eugenia Di Lorenzo assured: “It would almost have all the necessary elements to bring the case to trial”, referring to the 14 testimonial statements, the result of the accidentological tests and the more than 400 hours of filming of the security cameras incorporated into the cause.

Di Lorenzo accused Juan Manuel Buzali (47), husband of provincial deputy Carolina Piparo (44), of being the one who was driving the Fiat 500L with which he chased and ran over two motorcyclists on New Year’s night in the city of La Plata .

Buzali has been detained since Friday afternoon for the crime of “attempted double homicide” to the detriment of Luis Lavalle (23) and a 17-year-old adolescent.

Meanwhile, judicial spokesmen pointed out that between today and tomorrow the judge of Guarantees of La Plata, Marcela Garmendia, will define whether to accept the extraordinary and ordinary release request presented by Buzali’s defense, in charge of the lawyers Fernando Burlando and Fabián Améndola.

To define the accusation, the prosecutor Di Lorenzo relied on a video in which a group of six motorcyclists were observed being followed at high speed by the vehicle driven by Buzali and who had Piparo as his companion.

After the statements of the legislator and her husband, in which they indicated that the motorcycles “were located as in a short V or funnel” feeling “enclosed”, the prosecutor considered that the images of a video that is in the file are not consistent with declarations in court.

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In a section of his investigation, Buzali assured that “what happened was a misfortune and an accident”, that “he never” wanted to “hurt anyone”, and that, at the time of the event, he was “nervous, overwhelmed and fearful”, although “not angry”.

Meanwhile, a source with access to the case stated that “the subsequent behavior of dragging the motorcycle is what harms the most” the accused.

On the other hand, this week the results of the blood tests carried out on Piparo and her husband will be known. They will give results of whether they had alcohol in their blood or some other substance, the sources indicated.

According to the first police officers who attended the marriage after the second event, both did not present “the smell of alcohol.”

The statement of police officers from the First and Fourth Police Stations of La Plata who intervened on the night of the event and the testimony of Matías Píparo, Carolina’s brother, are also expected.

It is also not ruled out that the legislator of Together for Change declares after the request of the lawyers of the injured individual, the spokesmen added.

On the other hand, the prosecutor had ordered a series of seven raids and the order of six arrests for the robbery suffered by the couple.

For this reason, four minors were identified: two aged 14 and 15 who are not imputable and two aged 16 and 17 who were identified.

In addition, there are two young men of legal age wanted as suspects of having participated in the theft of Píparo’s wallet and cell phone.

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