The Province announced an increase for the Police and SPB agents

Members of the security forces of the province of Buenos Aires, police and penitentiaries will receive an additional increase in their salaries of 6.8% average compared to December 2019, retroactive to the month of December 2020, the Buenos Aires Government reported today in a statement. In this way, the net salary of an incoming police officer will amount to $ 46,238.

With the update in the uniform compensation from $ 1,130 to $ 5,000 granted in September, the total income reaches an increase in 2020 of 43.3%, going from $ 35,754 in December 2019 to $ 51,237 in December 2020.

Likewise, the amounts of per diem that will be received by civil, police and penitentiary personnel dependent on the Ministries of Security and Justice and Human Rights of the Province of Buenos Aires, commissioned in the framework of “Operation Sol 2021”, were increased, $ 1,500 to $ 2,000 daily.

It should be remembered that in December 2019 this value was $ 1,100, so the total increase since December 2019 is 81.8%. “The policy of salary recomposition and improvement in working conditions that we have started in 2020 included, last September, updating the value of the Compensation for service surcharge, both for the Police (CORES) and for the staff of the Penitentiary Service, tripling its amount (from $ 40 to $ 120) “, it was detailed from the Government.

The improvement in salary included in September the absorption of the remunerative sum on account of the 2020 parity of $ 4,000, while the only non-remunerative salary concept received by the security forces ($ 1,250) was eliminated, which went to integrate the remunerative salary.

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“In this way, 100% of the salary of the security forces in the Province is, since September 2020, remunerative, with full incidence on the Supplementary Annual Salary and Retirements, Retirements and Pensions”, they concluded.


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