The PSOE claims the abstention of Citizens in the investiture of Sanchez: «That they do it for Spain»


The lack of confidence that ERC can be a reliable partner and can even block the investiture of Pedro Sánchez worries. The socialists do not trust and also in full campaign seek a message of centrality that has led to request the abstention of Citizens.

«I would like more to trust Citizen's abstention. I prefer to trust the abstention of Citizens, "said the Secretary of Organization of the PSOE, José Luis Ábalos.

"Why can not I ask to be released from that dependence?" Demanded Ábalos. «We do not want to depend on the independentistas. And those who want us not to depend, to contribute. Let them do it for Spain ».

Sources of Citizens consulted by ABC have ruled out this option. The position of the party led by Albert Rivera is the same as they have been since they approved, at the beginning of the electoral campaign, not to agree with the PSOE. "We will vote against" is the response of the orange party.


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