“The real reason for the falling out between William and Harry is Meghan: she never felt important enough”

For a few days now we have brought you excerpts from the new book by Robert Lacey, historian and royal biographer who wrote the explosive work “Battle of Brothers”, exploring the reasons which are at the origin of the conflict which exists between Prince William and his younger brother Harry, now exiled in the United States.

The British author appeared on Good Morning Britain this Thursday in which he spoke about the Sussex couple with host Piers Morgan, who is known not to carry Meghan Markle in his heart.

According to Robert Lacey, Meghan Markle is the “real reason” for the feud between Prince William and Prince Harry. From the start of the relationship that the actress began with her younger brother, Prince William was also worried.

Meghan Markle then became a ‘huge problem’ for England’s royal family because she didn’t feel important enough, Prince Harry’s biographer has said.

The 76-year-old said: “Meghan was a huge problem for the royal family. It’s easy to look at it all in hindsight now. She’s a self-made woman. A millionaire. The only one in the royal family to have made his own money, creating his own celebrity and not inheriting it. “

According to Robert Lacey, Prince William was “absolutely right” to bring his concerns to Prince Harry, 36, and to explain: “William was right to say to Harry: ‘Look, this is a challenge that you bring to the family, how will it work? “

Robert Lacey also claimed that the former actress did not feel “important” enough in the royal family. “She wanted more”.

One-year-old Archie’s parents decided to step down from royal duties last March and moved to Meghan’s home America.

“In the United States, Meghan has what she wanted. The fame and the life that goes with it”, concluded the historian, relayed by the newspaper of the Sun.

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