The recurring failures of the "Canfranero", again before the Congress


The recurring failures accumulated by the "Canfranero" are once again the subject of parliamentary initiatives in Congress. Now it is Vox who asks the central government for explanations for the “serious incidents” that this railway line that connects Zaragoza with the Pyrenean station of Canfranc accumulates.

As reported at the time ABC, the Ministry of Development has officially recognized that
the "Canfranero" breaks down more than 40 times a year
. And it is an average that is repeated year after year in a railway corridor that registers about 60,000 travelers every year.

In a parliamentary response to questions from Citizens, Fomento admitted a few months ago that this line registered a total of 52 incidents in 2012 that led to delays of more than 15 minutes, 42 of them due to train failures and ten due to operational management failures of the rail or line service; in 2013 there were 43 incidents -34 of them due to train failures-; in 2014 there were 42 failures -32 due to breakdowns-; another 42 in 2015 -41 of them because the locomotive broke down; 34 in 2016 -31 due to breakdowns-; and 45 in 2017, of which 42 were due to train failures.

In this sense, Vox now emphasizes that, according to the latest available data, the «Canfranero» suffers, on average, a serious incidence every twelve days, to which others are smaller, but also cause delays and deficiencies in the service.

This party has presented in Congress two questions to the central government for its written response. One of them asks for explanations about «the causes that have been motivating the constant and frequent incidents due to breakdowns» in this railway line. And the other one asks the Executive to detail "the urgent measures that Renfe and Adif plan to take to solve transport problems on the said railway line".

According to Vox, the situation of this railway corridor evidences the "situation of helplessness" in which this line is mired, which is not "safe" or "reliable", and that "unravels that part of the territory and isolates it railway from the rest of Spain". The deputy of Vox for Zaragoza, Pedro Fernández, stressed that "the responsibility to ensure the proper functioning of this line corresponds to Renfe and Adif", and requires the Government to take action on the matter to face the modernization of this railway corridor that In addition, it aspires to recover its connection with France through the Aragonese Pyrenees. .


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