The reopening of the theatres : the movies

Benni ***

Nora Gingscheidt

German Film, 1: 58 am

Title Systemsprenger (” Those who will explode the system “) in German, this first film is beautiful and heartbreaking attaches to the not a young girl rejected by her mother and bounced around by the child welfare.

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Cancion sín number ***

of Melina Leon

movie peruvian, 1 h 37

In this film in black-and-white aesthetic bias is very strong, the director, Melina Leon follows the struggle of a peasant to find her baby stolen at birth in Peru in the 1980s and sheds light on a painful page of his country.

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The daughters of joy **

Anne Paulicevich and Frédéric Fonteyne

Film franco-belge, 1: 30 p.m.

Three beautiful actresses illuminate this film that depicts the everyday, between the sorrows, joys, and tragedies, of women forced into prostitution in a brothel in Belgium.

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The shadow of Stalin **

of Agnieszka Holland

Film british-Polish, 1: 59 pm

Agnieszka Holland traces the route of the journalist who in 1933 revealed to the world the famine orchestrated by Stalin in the Ukraine and, at the time of the ” fake news “, sounds the reminder of our blindness community.

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We dogs **
Oh Sung-yoon and Lee Choon-Bae

Animated Film from south korea, 1: 42 a.m.

From the age of 8

Fable family on the discovery of freedom by a band of stray dogs in South Korea, this animated film delivers, despite the characters too caricatured, a political morality malicious.

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The Capital in the XXIe century

Justin Pemberton and Thomas Piketty

Documentary franco-new zealand, 1: 43 pm

This Monday, June 22, comes out on the screens French a film adaptation of the popular book, economist Thomas Piketty, ” Capital in The XXIe century “. In 1: 40, it passes the bet to put images of complex topics, to explain in a simple way, inviting them to the debate.

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And also : “Be natural. The untold story of Alice Guy-Blaché “, documentary Pamela B. Green on one of the first women directors.


They come out in cinemas

► De Gaulle ***

► Communion ***

► Woman ***

► A son **

► A mermaid in Paris **

► Radioactive *


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