The reporter saw a hero chugging hero of their impeachment hearings


She took up a latte 's laughter during attempted Tuesday hearings.

A woman who was sitting behind Lt Col Alexander Vindman as he gave evidence at the House Information Committee made a viral moment caused her when she captured a camera while cutting her head back and wearing a large cup of coffee.

The lively woman appeared in glasses, which was located on the left hand side of Vindman, on the camera before turning and continuing at the back.

“It is much more interesting than the actual evidence that this mysterious woman will look at her coffee, that she is on the camera, and that she will finish the chugging. tweeted Patrick Ward.

Some people recognized the background coffee cafe as a McClatchy Emma Dummy Conference reporter, and she told An Post: “Yes, I can confirm.” T

Audiences discovered Danan's hunger to go to Joe's bottom cup while they were entertaining and repeating.

“The woman is wearing the coffee behind Lt Col Vindman my hero,” Write one person.

Deputy team of Colin Jones tweeted: “When the coffee is so good.”

Other said “That is all the woman drinking coffee.” T



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