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The request of the Minister of Health of the City to Argentines returning to the country

Health authorities gave a press conference at Casa Rosada Source: Archive

Fernán Quirós, Minister of Health of the city of Buenos Aires, spoke today about

the advance of the epidemic of


in the country and said that while the problem is not serious, there will be more cases of patients

and therefore made a special request to society.

“The risk of getting infected by going to a place here is zero”

, indicated and said that the risk to


is that those who arrive from Europe do not comply

The recommended 14-day isolation protocol.

“People who return on a trip must have adequate civic behavior,” he said in a radio dialogue



“More cases we will have without any doubt,” he insisted and also stressed that “in Europe the viral circulation is very intense, in the flights that come the suspicious cases are significant.” ”

In Argentina there is no viral circulation


Quiros reiterated the importance of civic behavior and said that while government action is paramount,

“This disease depends on social and community behavior”

too. “If when someone arrives in the country, they do not comply with the recommendations, of course they can infect.

The containment of the epidemic is in social behavior, we all have something to do


The protocol referred to by the minister consists of spending 14 days in the home, isolated, to control whether fever is recorded at that time. If not, at the end of the two weeks you can return to the routine. If yes, a doctor should be called as soon as the symptoms are perceived.

“The secret is to prevent those who come from infecting”

, said.

Finally, the minister spoke about the patient who died of coronavirus, a 64-year-old man who had been in France and suffered from pre-existing diseases, and said the case did not attract his attention because they followed his evolution for days. Then, he stated that

There are no more serious cases in the City.



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