The response of one contestant to another in 'Masterchef': «Your mother will leave you notes!»

'Masterchef' is unpredictable and its jury, increasingly strict. «Your dishes are far from the level of the program, "Samantha Vallejo Najera calibrated before Pepe Rodríguez named Marcos and Gloria. Two were the condemned, a duo of expelled who left a record of the rigidity with which the experts will value their pupils from now on. The final duel consisted of cooking a free dish in one hour with ten ingredients. Each black apron had to buy from one of their colleagues, so they decided whether to benefit or harm them. Antonia Dell'Atte, finalist of 'Masterchef Celebrity 3', was the special guest and her councils prepared a challenge in which Aleix, Teresa and Valentín stood out positively. "You grow up in front of challenges", Jordi Cruz offered the triplet.

The night started warm. Each applicant had to steal 12 ingredients from the basket of one of his classmates, but as everything changes, the aspirants did not cook with the ingredients that they left them, but with those that they had stolen. Theft caused moments of tension, with Samira as the star of the evening. Jordi asked the newcomer who she was going to steal, and the young woman answered very confidently: "Without a doubt, Natalia, which causes bad vibrations." The aforementioned did not agree with her words and responded angrily: «Well, your mother will leave you notes!». Good roll to start.

Marcos and Aitana did not convince the court, the first one being the worst stopped since the specialists described his dish as "disastrous". Both were sent directly to the elimination test. Before, everyone traveled to Pedraza, in Segovia, where Samantha opened the doors of her Natura space, a place of celebrations. The idea was to carry out two wedding menus designed by the cook. Among the diners were familiar faces such as Bibiana Fernández and Pepón Nieto. And as the contest has already reached its equator, what better than a repechage to lift the spirits. Osiris, Laly, Carmen, Sara, Jeancha and Alicia played their way back to the format and Carmen was chosen for her good work. Of course, the test was a complete disaster, so much that Pepe ordered that they go up to apologize to the diners. So badly did they all be nominated for the elimination test.

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