The restoration, in public, of Rembrandt's 'La ronda de noche' begins





The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has put Rembrandt's painting in an urn so that the public can follow its restoration live

'The night watch' by Rembrandt.

A team of international experts has begun on Monday the restoration of the canvas The night round (1642), by the Dutch painter Rembrandt, some jobs that the public of the Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam will be able to see live, behind a window, and that will also be broadcast on the internet.

The restoration, baptized Night round operation, is the "greatest research" in the history of this picture, one of the "most ambitious" of Rembrandt, painted in the mid-seventeenth century, according to the director of the museum, Taco Dibbits, in a presentation of the beginning of the investigation.

During at least half a year of work, "the most advanced techniques" will be used, like artificial intelligence, X-ray scanner techniques and a magnifying glass that multiplies the vision by ten, to first study and examine each of the parts of this historical painting and then begin to restore the parts that require it. 12,500 photographs will be taken with an "extremely high" resolution, also in the light of day, and a 3D image of the work will be made.

The public can see a team of about twenty restorers, art historians, data scientists and photographers behind a window, which separates them seven meters from the painting. The live broadcast of all the works will be done through the page, for those who can not travel to Amsterdam to see it in person.

The night roundhas undergone 25 restorations throughout its history but this is considered "the biggest operation" and experts believe that the painting has been able to "darken a little" over time.

In a statement, the museum explains that this extensive study will focus onknow the original painting process, the materials and the technique of Rembrandt, the impact of previous treatments and the most recent interventions, as well as aging, degradation and the possible future of painting. The frame will be removed from its frame and placed on an easel specially designed for these tasks, during the duration of the research phase.

This painting is one of the most famous works in the world, admired by more than two million visitors each year, and is owned by the Municipality of Amsterdam.

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