The right-wing Mitsotakis swears as prime minister of Greece


With the right hand on top of the Bible and in the presence of the archbishop of Athens and other representatives of the Greek Orthodox Church. Unlike its predecessor, Alexis Tsipras, the rightist Kyriakos Mitsotakis opted for a religious ceremony to become prime minister of Greece. Hours after proclaiming himself winner of the elections Sunday, with a wide advantage – almost 40% of the votes – that allows him to govern with absolute majority, the leader of New Democracy He was sworn in at the presidential palace.


The traditional formula – "I swear in the name of the most holy and indivisible Trinity to respect the Constitution and the laws" – represented the end and the four and a half years in which the alternative left of Syriza has had the controls of the Greek institutions.


Unlike the outgoing president, Mitsotakis swears with the religious formula

In line with the message he had sent during the electoral night, Mitsotakis promised to quickly get to work with economic growth and job creation. "The people have given us a strong mandate to change the country. Starting today we start working hard. I fully trust in our ability to rise to the occasion, "he said. After the oath, the new new prime minister went to the seat of the Government, the Palace of Maximu, where Tsipras waited for the transfer of power. Unlike in 2015, when Andonis Samarás left before the leftist arrived, Tsipras welcomed him with a handshake. Mitsotakis announced his ministers in the afternoon, who will be sworn in today.

The hangover of the Greek elections leaves several reflections. The first, that against what the polls predicted, the Syriza of Tsipras is not finished at all. It has obtained 86 deputies, much less than the 158 of New Democracy, but this great difference is explained by the bonus of 50 seats that the Greek electoral system gives to the winner to favor the governability. In reality, Syriza slowed down to 31.5% of the votes, a much better figure than that predicted by the polls and that obtained in the European ones. He has only lost more than four points since 2015, some difficult years in which he had to abide by austerity to get Greece out of the rescue program. The third party, the Kinal (heir of the Socialists), was very far, with 8.1% of the votes. In a Europe with increasingly fragmented parliaments, Greece returns to bipartisanship and the moderate version of Tsipras manages to convince the disenchanted of the Pasok. No one in the party questions his leadership, nor are there possible successors in sight. Now it will carry out a stiff opposition to the expectation that Mitsotakis will be unable to apply its electoral proposals to cut taxes.

The opposition

The good result of Syriza, despite the defeat, proves that they are not finished

The other lesson of the cradle of democracy is that, while in the Old Continent the extreme right reproduces, in the country that has suffered most from the migration crisis in the most difficult circumstances, they do not vote for them. The neo-Nazis of Golden Dawn, whose dome is being tried for four years for murder and criminal gang leadership, did not get parliamentary representation. The sanitary cord imposed on them by the media and the entire political class, which have not approached them in Parliament, has worked. The cities of Thessaloniki and Athens prevented them from holding election ceremonies. However, that does not mean that there is no right-wing party in Parliament. Greek solution, a split of Golden Dawn that already wavers neo-Nazi rhetoric, has achieved 10 deputies.

As has already happened in Europe, almost all of Greece has been dyed blue. Less Crete, the red island, which supports Tsipras. The victory of New Democracy was more important in the north of the country, angered by the historic agreement Syriza reached with Northern Macedonia. In Serres (central Macedonia) Mitsotakis reached 48% of the vote. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the right has achieved an absolute majority. Lefteris, 75, and although he lives in Athens was born in that area, applauded the conservative victory. "The pact was a betrayal. But not only Tsipras is the most terrible Prime Minister for Macedonia: on top of that he was not married and propagandized about not being religious. Now we will have someone decent, "he commented, extremely angry.


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