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The Rise of Skywalker ‘? A new fan theory claims that Rey Lost.

After all the battles with the lightsaber, the super destroyed weapons, the sage and the severed hands, Star WarsSkywalker Saga actually ended with a small bow wrapped over it when you think about its final chapter, The Rise of Skywalker.

In the final showdown against Grandpappy Palpatine, Kylo Ren become a Jedi (as Ben Solo) and joins Rey to fight a boss. The palps make Solo fall off a cliff (come back!), So all Force Ghosts fill up Navarro cheering team and let’s talk about Rey to kill her grandfather, who almost kills her. Ben brings Rey back to life share some pleasantries via Force Chat, and dies. In the final scene, Rey returns to Tatooine and gets a beautiful new lightsaber. Curtains. Indicates the new Disney + Star Wars shows for all eternity.

If you were one of many to desire an alternative universe where Colin Trevorrow is hell Episode IX it’s a reality, so listen. A new Star Wars fan theory published by SanityPlanet user on r / FanTheories he claims that Emperor Palpatine’s grand plan – which was to convince Rey to kill him, becoming a Sith lord and succeeding him as Emperor – really worked. And actually it checks: Rey killed Palpatine, didn’t he?

Here is the evidence presented by the Reddit user:

Palpatine revealed that every single voice Kylo had ever heard in his head was all palpatina, and he demonstrated this ability as proof.

Palpatine also explained that his plan was to have Rey kill him so he could own her.

Well, what was crucial in Rey taking those last steps and finally killing him? A bunch of voices in his head!

The user concludes:

So Palpatine has shown that she can imitate the voices in people’s heads, she is right there in the room, asks Rey to kill him and she refuses, then hears the voices in her head that make them kill.

It is clear: Palpatine manipulated Rey into carrying out his plan, making her feel encouraged by the Jedi voices in her head, pushing her to belittle. So she does it.

Rey Palpatine is now owned by Sheev Palpatine.

Basically, theory assumes that Palpatine literally tricked the Jedi mind into tricking Rey into killing him, so all those Force voices were complete bullshit. Palpatine was only making his best Jedi impressions: Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, the whole crew. Although it would have been a vulgar way to end the Skywalker saga, we can safely insert it The Rise of SkywalkerThe shoulda-woulda-coulda list—Star Wars it is moving in a new direction regardless.

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