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“The risk is significantly increased during the year following a Covid infection…”

This is a worrying discovery highlighted by the scientific journal The Lancet and relayed this Wednesday by Emmanuel André. The study in question explains that people who have contracted Covid-19 see the risk of contracting, in the following year, diabetes or pre-diabetes increase. And this concerns both severely infected patients and those less affected.

The results of The Lancet study demonstrate that the risks of contracting diabetes were “evident in those who were not hospitalized during the acute phase of Covid infection and increased with the severity of the acute infection. (…) Taken together, the current evidence therefore suggests that diabetes is a long-lasting Covid syndrome”.

On the side of Emmanuel André, it now remains to be seen whether the vaccines will protect against this “undesirable” effect. “It will still take time to know if vaccines effectively protect against these long-term consequences of COVID,” he wrote on Twitter. But for the microbiologist, it will be necessary in any case to ensure a follow-up. “In any case, the millions of infections that we have experienced in Belgium over the past two years will result in a significant impact on the health of our population, with an increased need for care. Including for chronic pathologies such as diabetes. »

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