The risk of catching Covid-19 from an airplane is very low, according to a study

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US Army researchers have established that the risk of transmission of Covid-19 is almost zero on board long-haul Boeing 767s and 777s, provided all passengers wear a mask at all times.

The risk of catching the Covid-19 in a plane is very low if passengers wear a mask, according to a study carried out aboard long-haul Boeing 767 and 777 and published Thursday, October 15 by the United States Army Transport Command (US Transcom) and the Agency for advanced defense research projects (Darpa).

The researchers measured with fluorescent tracers and sensors the volume of contagious aerosols transmitted to other passengers by a dummy simulating an infected person, breathing normally. The most exposed passengers, materialized by sensors, were logically those seated either right next to the “infected” mannequin, or directly in front of or behind him.

However, according to some 300 tests carried out on the ground and in flight during eight days in a row in August, in cooperation with the company United Airlines, 99.7% of the infected particles had been eliminated in 5 minutes before reaching the closest passengers, thanks to the sophisticated ventilation system of the devices tested. If the spread is extended to the 40 seats closest to the contaminated person, the reduction in aerosols reaches 99.99%.

These results led military transport officials to conclude that even at full capacity, the level of transmission of the virus was zero during twelve flight hours.

“Encouraging” tests

The tests only investigated the hypothesis of an infected passenger, and assumed that all passengers wore a mask at all times and did not consider the risk of transmission of the virus from an infected passenger moving around the cabin .

But “they are encouraging,” noted the head of the study for Transcom, Commander Joe Pope. “For both the 777 and the 767, calculations show that it would take 54 hours of flying in a row to inhale enough viral load to get sick.”

Since the start of the pandemic, the US military has suspended most movements of troops and their families, causing delays in assignment changes and family relocations.

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