The risk score remained at 62 points. However, the Czechia reports the most cases in six days

The risk score, according to which measures against covid are governed in the Czech Republic, remained at 62 points today. This corresponds to the fourth of the five levels of risk.

Daily increases in the number of coronavirus infections have been declining in the Czech Republic for two weeks now. While at the turn of October and November they reached up to approximately 15,000 cases per day, this week they are around 4,000 to 6,000 per day. Less is tested, but the share of positive cases in the number of tests performed is also decreasing. In recent days, it does not exceed 25 percent. The ministry will inform about the number of Thursday tests tonight. For technical reasons, the nightly data update was delayed by several hours today.

You can find the online report on coronavirus HERE

Currently, 95,501 people in the Czech Republic have the disease, most of them have a mild course of the disease. The hospital has 6,555 people, the number has fluctuated in recent days, but remains below 7,000. Above 7,000 was the last time on Friday. Less than 1000 patients are in severe condition. However, the number of deaths is still increasing. There were 59 more on Thursday, and 3,353 in November. The highest daily number of deaths with covid falls on 3 November with 256 dead. The total number of recorded cases of covid-19 in the Czech Republic since March 1, when the first cases of infection were confirmed, is almost 482 thousand.

The worst epidemic situation in the Czech Republic remains in Havlíčkův Brod. Hygienists there have recorded 623 infections per 100,000 people in the past seven days. The Chrudim, Svitavy and Jičín regions also have a high number. On the contrary, Cheb and Prague are relatively best off, where there were less than 150 cases of coronavirus per hundred thousand inhabitants in the past week.

State of emergency

Measures against covid will be addressed by the government today. With effect from Monday, it plans to mitigate them to correspond to the fourth degree of risk of the anti-epidemic PES system. So far, they correspond to the strictest fifth degree. It may be allowed to gather up to six people instead of two, the night curfew could only apply from 23:00 instead of 21:00. The return of other pupils and students to schools is also linked to the approval of the transfer to the fourth level of risk. The freshmen and sophomores returned to school on Wednesday, others could go on November 25 and 30.

Today, the government should also extend the rules that have been linked to the state of emergency. It was supposed to end today, the members of the cabinet allowed an extension until December 12. The state of emergency in the Czech Republic has been going on since October 5.

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