July 31, 2019

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The «Roark», first leader of the XXIV El Gaitero Regatta

At 13.05 hours, the XXIV El Gaitero Regatta began in the vicinity of the Abra de Bilbao. After navigating a mile to turn the clearing beacon, the fleet set sail for Santander, the end of the first stage. One of the fastest crossings in the history of the Piper, due to the 15-knot Northeast wind that carried the ships to the arrival line.

In class 1, Roome, by Jerome Baronnet that opens in the Regatta was the fastest in the crossing and leads the general classification of his group, and in the absolute general. The second place was obtained by the Basque from La Despeinada, by Carlos Maidagan. Meanwhile, Javier Larrañaga's Urbegi would finish in third position.

Another Frenchman The Falcon, by Philippe Roy, likewise, of the Arcachon Yacht was the fastest in class 2 and is second in the overall overall. The second place is occupied by Santander's Aizen, by Gustavo Arce, one of the favorite boats to win the regatta. The third position went to Kenex V, by Ignacio Jimenez of the Laredo Yacht.

Finally, in group 3, the Dare Dare, by Christophe Bru, also from Arcachon, was the best in his class, followed by Lasai, by Gonzalo Arnal of the Vizcaíno Orza Club, followed by Airan V, Mario Ruiz of the Maritime of Santander.

Tomorrow at 12.00 will be the first stage awards ceremony between Getxo and Santander, at the Royal Maritime Club of Santander. Then, at 2:45 p.m. the departure is scheduled in the bay of Santander, the stage queen of the regatta, which will head to Gijón, with 90 miles ahead and where the night navigation will undoubtedly mark the arrival at Asturian port. .