The romantic breakfast that Huaso prepared for Gala on her birthday

A tremendous surprise was the one that gave Mauricio Isla to his partner, Gala Caldirola, on his 28th birthday.

In his luxurious apartment in Rio de Janeiro, the side of La Roja He prepared a spectacular breakfast for her, as well as images of them and their family in different parts of the house.

It was the player himself who shared a record of the model, in which he appears saying: “I wake up 28 years old and with a lot of love”.

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In his message, the huaso wrote: “A thousand kisses and hugs would not be enough to tell you how happy I am to share my life with you, I hope to wake up every morning by your side and celebrate all the birthdays that God has in your plans.”.

“You are a very special person, I hope that life will give us many more years together. May God give you more of the good and allow you to continue brightening our lives”, He added.

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It should be remembered that, both are living in Brazil, together with their daughter Luz Elif, after the former Juventus signed for Flamengo a few months ago.


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