The Russian Fridman takes control of Dia supermarkets and four other economic news

1. The Russian investor Fridman takes control of the DIA group after reaching 58.36% of the capital in the OPA. LetterOne, a company controlled by Russian investor Mikhail Fridman, has announced that its public takeover bid (OPA) on Dia has been accepted by a number of shares representing 29.36% of the share capital of the supermarket chain. This percentage, added to the shares that LetterOne already owns, implies that the company of the Russian investor would control 58.36% of the share capital of Dia.

2. The public debt marks a new maximum when it rose by 11,652 million euros in March. The debt of all public administrations increased by 11,652 million euros in March, to reach 1.2 trillion euros, which stood at around 98.7% of GDP, according to data published this Friday by the Bank of Spain.

3. Amazon enters the capital of the Deliveroo home-based food platform. Amazon e-commerce giant Amazon has entered the capital of Deliveroo's digital home delivery platform by leading a round of financing for the company, which has raised 575 million dollars (514 million euros) from different investors.

4. Fines of 6.4 million to Santander and 1.5 million to Unicaja after inspections in their mortgage portfolios. The Bank of Spain has imposed sanctions on Santander Bank that add 6.4 million euros and others to Unicaja Bank for 1.5 million euros, after inspections of their respective mortgage portfolios, as reported this Friday by the supervising body.

5. The yield of the Spanish ten-year bond registers a new historical minimum. The performance of the Spanish ten-year bond marks this Friday a new historical minimum since October 2016, standing at 0.866%, according to market data. On October 30, 2016, the yield on the 10-year domestic bond reached minimums at 0.878%. . (tagsToTranslate) economic alert (t)

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